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Welcome to Our 4 Mile Road Race, Fun Run and Walk

Saturday, 14th September 2019, 10:00

Thank you for visiting our website for the 3rd Annual Clonard 4 Mile Road Race, Fun Run and Community Walk. Our aim with this website is to provide you with a one-stop-shop page where you can find out all the information you need about the 3rd Annual Running of the Clonard 4 Mile Road Race, Fun Run and Community Walk 2019. We'll also have updates on our Facebook Page and the club website at . There is also a special Facebook Event page. Finally, have a look at a huge set of photographs from our 2017 event (2017 4 Mile Photographs) and 2018 (2018 4 Mile Photographs)

Clonard Village is located in the beautiful countryside of South West Co. Meath. Despite the small size of the village it is well known by people all over Ireland. For decades Clonard was one of the villages motorists and travellers passed through on their journey from the Midlands and West of Ireland to Dublin connected closely with our famous neighbouring town of Kinnegad, Co. Westmeath. In 2002 we seen the opening of the M4/M6 motorway (which you will cross twice in the road race and fun run) and this transformed the very heavily trafficked village back to a more relaxed way of life.

As with hundreds of villages around Ireland what Clonard may lack in geographical size and population it makes up for in community spirit and hospitality. In 2017 Clonard GAA proudly unveiled their new GAA facilities which includes a 500 meter community walking track.

This Clonard 4 Mile Road Race, Fun Run and Walk is being organised to raise some additional funding to continue the development of this fantastic new facility. The continued development will go on to benefit all the members of our wonderful local community into the future and all of our teams: men, ladies and juveniles. There were over 400 runners, joggers, walkers and family finishers in 2017 with a similar number in 2018

We are very grateful of your support of our race. We will do our very best to make this a race experience that lives up to your expectations and compares favourable with the many great road races which are organised and held by our neighbours and friends in this part of the beautiful Midlands of Ireland.

The wonderful new facilities of Clonard GAA Club

Directions to our race - Getting to Clonard

The map below shows the location of Clonard. Getting to Clonard is relatively straightforward as it is very well connected to the National Roads system.

For those who know the local area Clonard is situated on the old N4/N6 road (now the R148 between Enfield and Kinnegad). Clonard is 2 miles east of Kinnegad on this road while it is about 9 miles west of Enfield on this road.

For those travelling from the West: The most direct route is to make your way to Kinnegad. Regardless of which direction you approach Kinnegad from you will see signposts for Clonard. Clonard is about 2 miles from Kinnegad. Travelling from Kinnegad St. Finian's Park Clonard GAA will be on your LEFT as you approach the Top Oil Service Station.

For those travelling from the East: For participants travelling from Dublin, Maynooth, Naas, etc there are two possible routes.

You can choose to use the M6 motorway west and exit at Kinnegad. Then follow the directions above.

Alternatively you can choose to use the R148 which passes through Kilcock and Enfield. When you get to Enfield you should follow the signs for Clonard Kinnegad. Clonard is about 9 miles from Enfield. Travelling from this direction St. Finian's Park Clonard GAA will be on your RIGHT as you drive through the village of Clonard on your approach to the Top Oil Service Station.

For those travelling from the North: For participants travelling from northerly directions the best option might be to either travel to Kinnegad and follow the directions above or travel to Trim and onwards to Longwood village before following the signs for Clonard. Longwood village is about 5 miles from Clonard.

For those travelling from the South: For participants travelling from southerly directions the best option might be to either travel to Kinnegad and follow the directions above or travel to Edenderry and onwards to Kinnegad or Clonard village. Edenderry is about 10 miles from Clonard.

What is the 4 Mile Course Like?

Our 4 mile course is a predominantly flat and fast course. Regardless of your running ability you will be able to run, jog or walk a time that you will be happy with. The 4 mile distance is rather unique these days so this gives you an opportunity to set a personal best on this distance.

The race starts and finishes at the new Clonard GAA facilities The race then proceeds along the R148 (old N4) towards Dublin for 400m until it turns RIGHT onto the Clonard-Edenderry Road. There are two small hills before the first mile but then a signficant downhill after the race crosses the first motorway overpass bridge, over the M4/M6 motorway.

Just before the two mile mark the race turns left onto Keegan's Boreen. This is a beautiful country road which brings runners up and over the M4/M6 Dublin Galway motorway again. This is the hill on the route but as with the previous bridge there is again a nice rolling downhill section after the bridge. There will be a water stop on the boreen just after the 2 mile mark
The two mile mark on the boreen section

As you continue along the boreen the race then joins with the R148 again by turning LEFT out of the booreen just after the 3 miles and 5KM marker. This gives runners, joggers, fun runners and walkers a long flat 1.4KM to the finish line back right up through Clonard village.

To ensure the safety of participants and children marshalls at this point will be guiding walkers and families onto the footpath on the left hand side of the main R148 road.

At 400meters to go (just after Paddy's Bar and before the National School) there is a nice downhill to bring participants to the finish line - which conveniently is right at the start line.

At the 400 meters to go mark we will again, in the interests of safety, ask walkers and families to cross the road and use the footpath to the finish. There will be marshalls and traffic stewards at this point to assist you in crossing the road safely.

Overall the race brings runners, joggers and walkers around some beautiful countryside with beautiful country landscape on all sides.

Our 4 Mile Route is measured by an Athletics Ireland Official Course Measurer. You can be assured that you will be running on a properly measured route.

Aerial Overview of the 4 Mile Route. The link here on provides an excellent aerial overview of the geographical layout of the route.

Screenshot of Course Route

Garmin Connect - Course Route GPS file

We have a garmin connect course route GPS profile available here on Garmin Connect if you want to look at the route in much closer details. Overall the route has a total elevation gain of 42ft which means it is overall a very fast, flat and fair route. The only two 'hills' are our famous motorway bridges.

Help Make History in Clonard - In, 2017, we seen the first people to take part in an official road race in Clonard. As we've said above - Clonard's location in the road network of Ireland has seen millions of cars, buses and trucks pass through our village as well as many thousands of cyclists on their road west. In 2018 many of those runners, joggers and walkers returned for the 2nd event.

Why not experience the thrill of a road race in our beautiful and historic village on September 14th 2019?

Key stages of our organisation of the Clonard 4 Mile


Why are we doing this?

In 2017 Clonard GAA proudly unveiled its new training facilities after several years of fund raising, planning and construction. This is a proud achievement for us as a club and a historic time for our community. And it is for the reason of club and community that this race is taking place. We still need funding to continue our development but we are acutely aware of the need for the club to also give back to the community.

This race event will provide an event in which everyone in the community can take part in by participating as a runner, jogger, fun runner or walker or as a volunteer on the day. We intend to continue to organise this race as an annual event into the future


Runner Safety

Above everything else - your safety on the roads around Clonard as you take part in our road race is of paramount importance to us. The organising committee has placed this issue at the top of the planning agenda for the race. We have an excellent traffic management plan in place. We also have stewards and marshalls at all key positions along the course.

Our start and finish areas are in exactly the same place. This means that you'll have a safe and secure environment both before and after the race. Indeed before and after the race you'll be able to use our new 500M walking track for warming up and cooling down.


Planning and Organisation

As anyone who is involved in running or athletics events will know - these events do not organise themselves. Any road race or fun run requires a sustained effort in planning and organisation. In Clonard our organisation team has been meeting frequently since May 2019 to plan, organise and deliver this race event to you on September 14th 2019.

We have some local runners on our organisation committee who are providing their knowledge and expertise in planning this event - to ensure our event is an event that runners, joggers and fun runners WANT to participate in again.


Race Day itself

When the big day arrives Saturday 14th September 2019 we'll be working hard from early that morning to setup the course, start/finish etc for the event start at 10:00 sharp.

We'll have the course marked in MILES for you:
We'll have water ready at the finish for you:
We'll have some refreshments ready at the finish for you:
We'll have our traffic management plan in place for you:
We'll have our stewards, marshalls and volunteers all briefed and ready to go:
We'll have PopupRaces ready to provide your results online quickly after the race:
We'll have a wonderful, hospitable, country welcome for you and your family:
All you have to do is take part!

The famous 'main street' of Clonard village looking towards Dublin!

Detailed Information About Our Race

What is the cost of entry?
ONLINE REGISGTRATION: The cost of entry for ADULT runners, joggers, fun runners and walkers is €12.

REGISTRATION ON THE DAY: The cost of entry for ADULT runners, joggers, fun runners and walkers is €15 on the day of the event. This will provide you with electronic chip timing.

U16 REGISTRATION ONLINE AND ON THE DAY: The cost of entry for anyone under 16 years of age is €5. ALL of our U16 participants will be CHIP TIMED.

FAMILY ENTRY RATE: As a family friendly, community orientated event, we have a very good value family rate available. For €30 you can enter 2 ADULTS and UP TO 3 U16s. This is really great value. This rate is available ONLINE and also ON THE DAY.

What do I get for my entry fee?
This is always a very important question for runners, joggers and walkers when you enter a race. We believe our race is excellent value for money.

    Your entry fee (chip timing): Runners, joggers, fun runners, or walkers will recieve your finish time with electronic chip timing, water on the course and at the finish and after race refreshments. EVERY ENTRANT will be chip timed.

How can I register for the race?
You will be able to register for the race in a number of ways:

  • ONLINE (recommended) - at - by selecting the Clonard 4 Mile Road Race. We strongly recommend you register online
  • On the day of the race - from 08:00 - 09:45 at the Start/Finish area

Where can I park?
Ample car parking will be available very close to the start/finish area at the new Clonard GAA club facilities. Please follow the directions of marshalls while parking.

Can I take public transport to and from the race?
It is possible to use public transportation to reach Clonard Village. Clonard is on the Dublin to Galway/Mayo/Westport/Sligo routes. It is served by Bus Eireann and the private operators such as Kearns. The website will give you an up-to-date timetable listing to reach Clonard from Dublin and other locations.
There is one bus stop in Clonard and it is about 400m walk from the start/finish area.

Do I need to be part of a running or athletics club to take part?
Absolutely not! Anyone can take part in our race event. We welcome runners, joggers, fun runners and walks of all abilities and experience to Clonard for our road race. Regardless of your running ability you'll be given the same Clonard welcome as every other participant.

Clonard GAA

St. Finian of Clonard

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